Radon Mitigation Systems

  • Active sub-slab depressurization

A continuous operating in-line fan motor draws the air from under your home and exhausts it over the eave or through the roof.

  • Passive sub-slab systems

A stationary line is installed through the slab of your home and exhausts over the eave or through the roof. the negative pressure under your home generates enough force to draw air through the line.

  • Sub-Membrane depressurization

an active system is placed under an installed membrane floor if a concrete slab is not present.

  • Block wall depressurization

an active system suction point is placed into the block wall as well as the slab below. 

  • Drain tile depressurization

a CORRUGATED pipe is installed around the PERIMETER of the home. an active system is installed through that pipe. this type of system benefits homes with wet or leaky basements.   

  • Crawlspace solutions


  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) control systems

These control systems ELIMINATE the "musky" basement smells caused by moisture and/or soil gasses.  

  • Active VOC control systems

installed with an in-line fan motor

  • Passive VOC control systems

passive systems can consist of proper venting paired with a depressurizing line.

       Radon Testing and Measurement

  • Short term air measurement testing

tests take 48 hours to measure accurately

  • Long term air measurement testing

tests that take 3-6 months to measure accurately

  • Measurement in well water testing

readings from a third party lab. can take up to 4 weeks


      Radon Mitigation Systems Inspections

  • Existing system inspection

  • System diagnostics

  • System troubleshooting